Buying Car Insurance

Five Important Mistakes To Be Aware Of And Avoid When You Buy Car Insurance

Car insurance is very important to have. Not only is it required by law, but it protects you when your driving from liabilities. Because it’s such an important thing to have, you want to put a great deal of thought into which car insurance policy you purchase.

The following are five important mistakes to avoid when you’re buying car insurance to ensure that your policy is there and does what you need it to do when you have to file a claim:

Buying from the first insurance company who gives you a quote

Car insurance can be an expensive thing to purchase. Also, it’s important to note that different companies will offer quotes that vary a great deal. That’s why you need to shop around and try numerous places before you decide on the best price and policy for your unique needs.

Not putting some research into the reputation of the insurance company you go with

Only purchasing minimum coverage

You may be tempted to purchase minimum coverage because it allows you to enjoy lower premiums than policies offering more coverage. However, this can cost you more down the road because it could involve a higher deductible and may mean that you won’t be covered for collision damage, or damage to your own vehicle.

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Not finding answers to questions you have about your insurance

Car insurance can be a complicated product, and you definitely need to clarify any questions you have about your car insurance to avoid surprises down the road. Make sure the customer service representative you work with from your insurance company adequately answers all of your questions. Don’t be shy and don’t hesitate to ask any questions. When your gauging different insurance company, this question asking stage is a good time to get a feel for how the customer service offered by the company you’re consulting is.

Being dishonest with your insurance company

You may feel yourself tempted to be dishonest when the insurance company is questioning you about vehicle usage. Your company may ask you how often you use your vehicle, for example, and may offer a lower quote if you claim that your vehicle is only for recreation and is not a daily commuter. However, it may come back to haunt you down the road if you are not completely honest with the insurance company. They may decide not to honor a claim if they feel that you have been dishonest about vehicle usage.

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